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Amirhossein Bayani


Amirhossein Bayani (b. 1977, Tehran, Iran) is a painter, visual artist, and curator. He received a B.A. in painting from Tehran University School of Art in 2004, and an M.F.A. in Art Research from Tehran Azad University in 2008. He is a member of the Iranian Painters Society (IPS) and the founder and director of MERXOUT Projects. Bayani’s work explores critical politics, sociology, and philosophy as related to human existence and experience. His work, in particular, focuses on the colonization of his subjects by the politics of power, where acts of violence, sabotage, and tyranny are underhand deals, too artful to be covered by the mainstream and prestigious information channels.

    2022 Fidelity III – “we” to the Extent of politics, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    2020 Fidelity II – Numbers of politics, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    2019 Fidelity I – Names of politics, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    2018 Out of Context II, Ars Libri Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    2016 Out of context I, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    2013 Babylon System, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    2010 What Happened to the Women of Shahnameh? Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    2009 Brides of Our Time, Etemad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

    2006 Eyes Wide Shot, Azad art gallery, Tehran, Iran
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