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Jila Kamyab


Born in 1957, Jila Kamyab's creative work was largely influenced by the 1970s. The 1970s were a period of consolidation and growth in the arts, most often defined as a response to the dominant strains of the preceding decade. Conceptual art developed as a influential movement, and was in part an evolution of and response to minimalism. Land Art took the artwork into the expansive outdoors, taking creative production away from commodities and looking to engage with the earliest ideas of environmentalism. Process art combined elements of conceptualism with other formal considerations, creating mysterious and experimental bodies of work. Expressive figurative painting began to regain importance for the first time since the decline of Abstract Expressionism twenty years prior, especially in Germany where Gerhard Richter, Anselm Kiefer, Georg Baselitz became highly influential figures worldwide. New York maintained an influential position in the international art scene, ensuring that global artists continued to gravitate to the galleries, bars and downtown scene in the city. n Japan and Korea, artists associated with the Mono-Ha movement focused on encounters between natural and industrial materials such as stone, glass, cotton, sponge, wood, oil and water, arranging them in mostly unaltered, ephemeral conditions. The works focused on the interplay between these various elements and the surrounding space, and had a strong focus upon the European ideas of phenomenology.

    2007 The Neverland, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran
    2007 The Patient Stone, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran
    2004 Cite International des Arts, Paris
    2003 Home, Barg gallery, Tehran
    2002 A Thousand Apples for Eve, Barg gallery, Tehran
    2000 My Home, Barg gallery, Tehran
    1995 Untitled, Golestan gallery
    2017 Borderlessness, E1 gallery, Tehran
    2015 Abstraction, Hoor gallery, Tehran
    2012 Day of Tehran, Imam Ali Museum, Tehran
    2011 Six Looks Towards Nature, Hoor gallery, Tehran
    2011 2000, 1997, 1995, 1993, National Painting Biennale
    2011 1998, 1997, 1995, 1993, Epiphany of Feeling
    2010 Niavaran Cultural Centre Exhibition of the Treasures, UAE
    2006 Persian Spring, Contemporary Museum, Tehran
    2006 8th Ceramic Art Biennale, Ceramic and Mirror, Saba Art Centre, Tehran
    2006 Zagreb Museum, Croatia
    2005 East to West, Umberto Mastroianni, Italy
    2005 Six Persian landscapes, Naples Museum gallery, Italy
    2004 Iranian Painters exhibition in Vancouver, Canadian Artists Association
    2000 The Taste of Dream, Contemporary Museum, Tehran
    1991 Portrait Painting in Contemporary Art, Contemporary Museum, Tehran
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