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Leily Derakhshani

Leily Derakhshani was born in Sang-E-Sar, Iran. Coming from a family of artists, she graduated from the School of Dramatic Arts in Iran with a focus in Sculpting. She then majored in Sculpting at the College of Fine Arts in Iran. In addition to working as an illustrator for children’s books, she is also a renowned painter. By resorting to stylized figurative paintings, Derakhshani has found a simple expression free from obscurity and complexity where she has shown her past in an artistic form and expressive language. Her paintings display the changes and the transformations that appeared in her life in the past few years. Such changes, clearly visible, are a sign of her knowledge of the figurative language as well as expressions of her deconstructive view. Derakhshani is a member of the Iranian Painters Society and of the Persian Illustrators Association. She currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada.



Participation in four International Illustrators' fare in Iran Participation in the first Asian Illustrators' fare in Japan Participation in the forty-fourth Illustrators' fare in Belgrade and twenty-first Illustrators' fare in Bratislava Becoming a permanent member of Association of the Iranian Painters While pursuing her career as an illustrator Leily also started studying music and was soon also established as a performing musician


Music Credits

Collaboration with the Hamnava Ensemble in Germany and Nava Arts Centre in London European tour with Hamnava Ensemble Participation in the renowned Southbank Centre's Rhythm Stick Festival in London Performance with the Hamnava Ensemble in the Das Kullur Haus



1999 - The London Southbanks' Rhythmstick Fes·tival, Music Workshop 2004 - International Festival of European and Iranian Childrens' Literature, hosted by the Centre for Intellectual Development of Children and Youth, Tehran, Iran 2005 - The Frankfurt Book fair Illustration and Imaging workshop, Tehran, Iran 2007 - British Council, Magic pencil Illustrators 2015 - Gallery Book.s, Workshop


Solo Exhibitions

2016 • Azad Art Gallery, Iran 2015 - Pro Art Gallery , Dubai 2013 - Pro Art Gallery, Dubai 2012 Nar Art Gallery, Iran 2010 - Mah Art Gallery, Iran 2009 - Mah Art Gallery, Iran 2008 - Mah Art Gallery, Iran 2006 - Momayez Art G'allery 2005 - LYS Blanc, Bahrain 2003 - Hous Drei, Germany 2003 -Alten Molkerei Schfwnkel, Germany 2003 -Azad Art Gallery, Iran 2001 - Azad Art Galley, Iran


Group Exhibitions

2016 - Treibsand online Exhibition Space, Contemporary Art in the Middel East, Swiss 2015 -Montreux Art Gallery , Swiss 2015 - Satura Art Gallery, Italy 2015 - Azad Art Gallery, Iran 2015 -Laleh Art Gallery, Iran 2015 -Momayez Art Gallery, Iran 2014 -Momayez Art Gallery, Iran 2015 - Raad Charisty Action 2013 - Pro Art Gallery, Dubai 2009 - Mah Art Gallery, Iran 2009 - Zangar Art Gallery, Iran 2007 - Mah Art Gallery, Iran 2006 Artis's Art Gallery, Iran 2005 - Mah Art Gallery, Iran 2005 - Niyavaran Central Foundation, Iran 2002 - Molkerrei Scl)fwinkel, Germany 2002 - Azad Art Gallery Iran 2001 - Allen M.ilkerei Schofwikel, Germany 2001 - Artis's art Gallery, Iran 2001 - Artis's Art Gallery, Iran 2001 - Artis's Art Gallery, Iran 2000 - Azad Art Galley, Iran 1999 -Azad Art Galley, Iran 1999 - Azad Art Gallery, Iran 

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